Fee Schedule

— FOR LENDERS (banks, FHA, VA, credit unions, finance companies, and others)

A.  URAR – Fannie Mae Form 1004-2005 – Single family & townhouses, with basic/standard Fannie Mae contents and three comparables, location map, interior/exterior photos, comp photos, sketch & floor plan
UAD Compliant: $375.00
FHA Compliant: $375.00
– SPECIAL Lender orders/needs: New/Proposed Construction remodeling and additions with review of building plans and materials specifications  $425.00
Construction/building loan draw inspections – per visit   $100.00
B.  CONDOMINIUM – Fannie Mae 1073-2005 – Basic/Standard Fannie Mae contents: three comparables sales $375.00
C.   HOME EQUITY – Fannie Mae Form 2055 
Exterior/Drive by Inspection – 3 subject photos & 3 comparable sales with photos $275.00
Interior Inspection – Subject exterior & interior photos & 3 comparable sales with photos $325.00
D.   SPIRAR– Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report -Fannie Mae   (2-4 Family) – Basic/Standard Fannie Mae contents with three comparable listings and three comparable sales, subject & comp photos, location map,sketch & floorplan $425.00
 Lots  & small parcels:  Form Land Appraisal Reports  $325.00
 Large parcels/acreage – cropland, pastureland, recreational and abandoned land: Form or written reports:  $375 & up


A.  Narrative Appraisal Report –  via a full narrative appraisal report format is priced based on the complexity of the subject property and other client’s considerations.

B.  Commercial and industrial properties appraisal valuation in an abbreviated format via a General Purpose Commercial/Industrial Form (a la mode Form GPSMCOM2 12/2013) price start from $450 depending on the complexity of the subject property, the purpose and use of the appraisal report and the scope of the appraisal.

Typically, for an existing small commercial property, two approaches to value are provided.


Revised 01/18/2018